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Nordic Infosoft has the competence to provide Application Maintenance and support services both onsite and offshore whenever needed by the client. We guarantee high-quality software maintenance and support services including deployment of software, customization, and debugging, round the clock. The advantage is that in-house developers of the client are relieved of the burden of fixing software defects and ensuring interoperability with evolving standards.

Addressing software problems timely, is crucial to the success of software development companies. Normally, over half of the developer's time is spent in fixing software defects or other maintenance and enhancement of existing software applications. Strategically, software companies should use the expertise of in-house developers to bring new product to market, rather than using them in maintenance.

Maintenance is an important aspect of the software development business. By outsourcing maintenance and support services, companies can save time and costs. But a trusted partner is required to outsource such services. At Nordic Infosoft we can build maintenance and support teams that you can trust. These teams can quickly adapt to your technology needs and are flexible in their work environment.

Our Maintenance and Support Service ensures: